The Internship Program at William Rupnik Gallery (WRG) offers participants “hands on” training in the gallery profession and a comprehensive overview of gallery operations. Interns also gain insight into the national and international world of contemporary and outsider art.

The William Rupnik Gallery internship program welcomes students, recent graduates and non-students who wish to broaden their education and professional experience by working and learning in a for-profit gallery setting. WRG offers experiential education in a challenging, hands-on environment in exchange for a substantive contribution from talented and interested individuals.

The gallery presents an ambitious schedule of cutting-edge exhibitions, and WRG interns have the unique opportunity to participate in the development and expansion of these programs and operations.

When considering whether or not to apply for an internship at WRG, please keep in mind that they are unpaid. Accepted individuals will, however, have access and permission to use the gallery’s 2,000 sq. ft. private studio and workshop.

All interested individuals eighteen years of age and older are eligible to apply for internship.
Applicants should be proficient with the Mac OS X operating system, Adobe Photoshop and WordPress.

Application Procedure
Interested individuals must submit an intern application form, two letters of recommendation from professors and/or previous employers, a resume, and a cover letter.

Internships require a minimum commitment of eighteen hours per week for three months. The exact schedule will be determined with the gallery director. No interns will be accepted for shorter periods.

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